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Today, betting is not limited exclusively to betting on football, basketball and tennis. Bettors are interested in betting on new sports that they were not particularly familiar with before. Betting on Australian football, like the sport itself, is becoming increasingly common among predictors. Matches in this sport are held regularly, and therefore for stable earnings it is necessary to consider all the nuances that may take place in the process of betting competently.

The best forecasts and bets with N1Bet

Together with N1Bet, the user can make predictions for Australian football with high passability. The specialists of the resource try to choose the most obvious outcomes for clients. Each tournament is analyzed for more than one hour. Competent selection of suitable matches allows you to minimize the risks associated with the lack of analysis of the factors affecting the game.

The bets are published uniformly. N1Bet users will not see hundreds of matches every day with randomly selected outcomes. If the forecast is published, then the player can be sure that he has the highest chances of winning.

Increased coefficients for sports events

The coefficients for bets in the project are the highest. Analysts of the project believe that the publication of bets with quotes in the range of 1.01-1.30 does not make sense, since they will not bring profit to customers.

Forecasts and bets have at least an equivalent coefficient here. During periods when dozens of matches are held daily, the N1Bet team can also offer accumulator to customers.

Is it safe to bet on Australian football with N1Bet?

safe betting on afl

It is quite profitable to make online bets in the N1Bet project. This is also evidenced by the high passability, which is in the range of 65-70 % with an average coefficient of 1.90.

Australian football is a basic sport for some project specialists. Consequently, they devote all their free time to analyzing matches. Random competitions and matches are not taken into account, because they will not bring proper profit.

What types of bets exist?

This sport differs in many ways from similar sports disciplines, among which rugby and American football can be distinguished. Naturally, in Europe, this sport and other sports such as cricket does not have a huge popularity, but at the same time it causes genuine interest among bettors.

types of bet

The bets are relevant for several outcomes available in the lines of the largest bookmakers:

  • Bets on the direct outcome (on the victory of one of the teams). It is important to note that Australian football does not have a draw result, which slightly simplifies the betting process for players.
  • Bets on a handicap (the difference in the score). Matches in this sport are quite effective, and therefore it is quite difficult to analyze these outcomes.
  • Bets on the total (the effectiveness of matches). In order for the forecasts for Australian football to have a high passability, it is desirable to analyze the current statistics.

If we talk about additional offers, then forecasters can bet on the individual performance of the teams, or on the outcome of one of the halves of the match. If we are talking about major leagues, then you can make long-playing bets. For example, the winner of the season, or the most productive player.

Australian Football Betting Rules and Player Assistance

Australian football rules may seem complicated to a European bettor, but this is only at the beginning. In total, two teams meet on the field. The goal of each is to hit the ball in the opponents ‘ gates. Each team has two such gates. If you hit the big gate, you will get 1 point. If we talk about the internal gates, then a successful hit in them brings six points at once. It is interesting that actions with the ball can be performed with both hands and feet. In case of disputed situations, the throw-in is performed directly by the referee.

Each team consists of 18 players. Also, it should be noted that Australian football is a fairly active game. In one match, the average player overcomes about 20 kilometers like handball. In total, the match consists of 4 quarters, lasting 20 minutes each.

Forecasts and bids must be selected qualitatively. If a player decides to place a bet without the help of N1Bet, it is best to use a fixed-bet strategy. Making a bet on 1-2 % of the bank, it is almost impossible to lose all the money.

Questions and answers

Are there any restrictions on the number of points in Australian football?

No, the final result is recorded based on the total of all effective actions for 4 quarters.

How long does an Australian football match last?

As a result of all quarters, the players are on the field for 80 minutes.

Is it possible to get a stable profit from betting on Australian football?

Of course, if you correctly analyze the matches using up-to-date statistics. If there is no time for this, then you can use the services of N1Bet.