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Basketball continues to gain popularity not only among fans of this sport, but also among millions of sport predictors around the world. A special role in this is played by the presence of such leagues as the NBA, where the best players with million-dollar contracts are gathered in their clubs. Predictions and bets on basketball are an opportunity to make a profit when watching the games of your favorite team. If you are really interested in betting and basketball, then N1Bet is ready to provide you with many interesting offers.

The Best Forecasts And Bets With N1Bet

We are not trying to attract new customers via the headlines “millions of dollars in profit in a few days”, “100 % passability” , etc.

We only guarantee the fact that we approach each basketball prediction with full responsibility, spending several hours on each match in order to conduct the most profound analysis, thereby forming the optimal outcome.

Increased Coefficients For Sports Events

The coefficients for a basketball match are a key factor that we pay attention to when choosing matches that are being analyzed. Choosing our project as a platform for betting on basketball, you get full confidence that the bet will be made with a minimum margin.

Is It Safe To Bet On Basketball With N1Bet?

If we are talking about the betting process, the N1Bet project works with clients on transparent terms with clearly defined rules, according to which the bettor will make a profit.

We do not guarantee our clients profit, but only provide them with predictions of sports events that can bring them profit at a distance. It is important for us that the prediction will not only bring you a win, but also will be interesting as the experience of the sport fan. Therefore we are working on those tournaments where the demand of the target audience is the highest.

What Types Of Bets Exist?

types of bets basketball

Basketball is a team sport consisting of four quarters as in waterpolo. In most European countries, the championships are held in the 4*10 format with a possible extra time, in case the teams scored the same number of points. There is no such thing as a ”draw” here, despite the fact that bookmakers offer to bet on an identical number of points after the end of regular time.

If we talk about the largest basketball league in the world – the NBA, then there is a slightly different format, since each quarter lasts not 10, but 12 minutes. Therefore, the predictions for such matches are somewhat higher. Although, this is more related to the popularity of the tournament.

In most cases, players are offered the following types of bets:

  • Bets on the winner of the match, half, or quarter.
  • Total, or the effectiveness of the match. It should be taken into account that each competition has a certain level of uniqueness. For example, in the NBA, teams score more than 200 points in total in most games. At the same time, in NCAA matches, totals do not exceed 130-140 points. Bookmakers continue to expand the sports range, and therefore now you can bet on the performance of an individual player, or team performance in a quarter.
  • Handicap, or the difference in the score. Quite an interesting type of bet, which is more suitable for those players who are well versed in basketball. The fact is that some teams can play with a difference of 1-2 points, and in other games this handicap will reach hundreds of points (for example, this often happens in junior tournaments in Asia, where the level of basketball in most countries is quite low).

Bets on basketball can be made not only in the context of an individual match, but also of the entire tournament. For example, long before the start of the new regular season of the NBA, bookmakers already offer their customers to bet on their favorite team. However, given the 5*5 format of the game, even an injury to one leader can directly affect the potential of the team. As an example, the Golden State Warriors play without the injured Stefan Curry and Klay Thompson in the 2019-2020 season.

Basketball Betting Rules And Player Assistance

Today, basketball is very popular and betting on this sport is not so rare. Despite this, even a completely confident in his abilities player, should pay attention to the following points:

basketball betting rules
  • The current form of the team. For example, if a certain team has already solved the problems of entering the postseason, then it does not need to spend all its strength and potential on winning the last games of the tournament. Therefore, betting on basketball by taking into account the greater motivation of the initial outsider, can bring a good profit.
  • The status of the team leaders. As noted above, the failure of one player can directly The margin of bookmakers. Certain basketball clubs have a large fan base around the world, and therefore the coefficients for matches with their participation will sink in any case.
  • It is necessary to take into account the playing styles of both teams. Even if the most productive team of the season is playing, this does not mean that over will be broken in this match. After all, their opponent, due to good defense, can block all zones, and deprive the team of the opportunity to realize its potential.

Experts from N1Bet do not recommend users to make bets using the Catch-up strategy (a betting strategy in which the size of each next bet depends on the result achieved by previous bets). It is also suitable for other sports such as handball. The fact is that a streak of 6-7 unsuccessful bets will lead to the fact that the bettor will lose his entire bank.