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Cricket is a sport that is not wildly popular in Europe, with the exception of Great Britain. Despite this, bettors have learned how to make predictions and bets on cricket not only randomly, but also with the help of real analytics of all components.

In this article, we will analyze whether it is worth choosing matches in this sport for betting, and also analyze whether N1Bet specialists are able to bring profit to their clients.

The best forecasts and bets on cricket with N1Bet

Forecasts for cricket from the N1Bet project guarantee bettors a good profit at a distance. Each match includes hours of competent analysis, taking into account the factors that can directly affect the result.

If experts are not sure about the successful outcome of the tournament for a certain team, they will not publish the corresponding bets.

The average coefficient of the selected outcomes reaches the level of 1.9-2.0. And the passability of matches is 65 %. These indicators allow you to make a significant profit at a distance.

Increased coefficients for sports events

N1Bet selects only those competitions that have increased coefficients for cricket matches. To do this, a thorough analysis of all BM with a presented discipline is carried out. Predictions would not be so popular among the project’s clients if its specialists did not try to choose matches with a minimum margin. After all, neither cappers nor their clients plan to lose potential profits.

Is it safe to bet on cricket with N1Bet?

cricket safety betting

Yes, cricket, as a sport, is very popular in Asia, Australia, England, etc. There are also popular other sports such as Australian football.The N1Bet project views only proven leagues, and also guarantees customers timely advice and support when withdrawing winnings. Bets on cricket are made both in pre-match and live mode. In terms of the number of outcomes, matches in this discipline are inferior to more popular directions. However, if a major tournament is held, the player will easily find a suitable outcome for himself.

It is important to note that matches in this sport can be used in conjunction with other events for wagering accumulator, which increases the demand for cricket competitions among cappers and bettors.

Users who actively work with N1Bet receive high-quality analytics, adequate coefficients and high profitability.

What types of bets exist?

Forecasts and bets on cricket have not yet gained much popularity among players, but betting companies have been adding a fairly wide line to the main sections of their websites. If we talk about the leading leagues in the world, then BM often offers to bet on the team that will win the draw.

cricket types of bets

If we talk about the most popular outcomes, then there are the most often types:

  • The line for a direct outcome (the victory of one of the teams).
  • Bets on the difference in the score (handicap).
  • Bets on the performance of the match (total).
  • Additional bets (also popular in MMA).

In general, bettors are offered about 40-50 outcomes for most matches. N1Bet analysts will help their clients choose the most optimal options.

If we talk about additional outcomes, then the user has the opportunity to bet on the best bowler or batsman.

Cricket Betting Rules and Player Assistance

Betting is much easier to do if you understand the features of this sport. This is due to the following factors:

cricket betting rules
  • There is no draw in bets on the winner of the match. Therefore, the bettor does not need to calculate the potential probability of the occurrence of this event.
  • The winning percentage of the favorites. Cricket is a sport in which surprises rarely occur. On the other hand, the coefficients for such matches can be so small that it will not be profitable to add them even to the accumulator.
  • A small number of active championships. This fact allows you to choose tournaments for yourself that you can work with easily. In conventional football, it is more difficult to do this, because there are more than 300 leagues just in Europe.

It is important to take into account that the regional popularity of cricket directly affects the coefficients in matches. Some teams have serious support, and therefore the quotes for their victory decrease regardless of the real balance of forces.

If we talk about betting strategies, it is better to choose a fixed rate, for example, 2 % of the total bank. Such actions will significantly reduce the probability of draining the bank at a distance.

Questions and answers

In which countries cricket is the most popular sport?

Today, this sport is in demand in the UK, Australia, India and almost all Asian countries.

How often do cricket competitions take place?

In the listed above countries, regular championships are held, which allows you to place bets almost daily.

Is it worth betting on cricket in live?

Yes. This is due to the fact that this discipline is not distinguished by the speed of the game. Therefore, the player can not worry about the drawdowns of the coefficients.