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The popularity of handball continues to grow. Many sports fans try to diversify known sports disciplines to the maximum. Consequently, predictions and bets on handball are also gaining momentum. N1Bet is a constantly developing project that allows customers to place a bet on the most adequate conditions on the web.

The Best Forecasts And Bets With N1Bet

Becoming the best is what our project strives for. To do this, we pay attention to the analysis of handball matches, even the most insignificant factors that can affect the final result. We form forecasts, with which our clients subsequently work.

As a result, adequate quotes, a wide variety of sports handball tournaments, as well as individual offers for active users.

Increased Odds For Sports Events

Quotes are one of the key points that we pay attention to when analyzing the sports line. We offer a minimum margin for handball. We try to make sure that our coefficients are not lower than on the most successful sites.

Therefore, you can get forecasts for handball with the highest coefficient only in N1Bet.

Is It Safe To Bet On Handball With N1Bet?

safety bets

Our online handball bets are formed due to many hours of analysis, taking into account dozens of objective and subjective factors that affect teams.

You will not receive offers about forecasts with a low coefficient from us, we do not guarantee 100% passability. Our task is to provide you with a real line with a variety of outcomes.

What Types Of Bets Exist?

Handball matches are held almost daily, and therefore it is important for every bettor to know what options are available. Bets on handball can be concluded on:

types of bets in handball
  • The winner of the match.
  • Total. You need to understand that the effectiveness directly depends on the specifics of the teams. If no more than 50 goals are scored in some leagues, then in certain Asian tournaments their number can reach 80.
  • Handicap. The difference in the score between the two teams.
  • Additional bids. Individual indicators of teams, performance in a certain period, betting on the number of seven-meter shots, etc.

Handball continues to gain popularity, and therefore companies are trying to add new options for their users. N1Bet does not focus on bets of a certain type. Our specialists competently combine pre-match with live.

Rules Of Betting On Handball And Assistance Of Players

Handball is a team game (unlike darts) that takes place in the 7*7 format (the opponents have six field players and 1 goalkeeper). In general, the rules are similar to football, but effective actions are counted when throwing hands). Naturally, the key task of each team is to set the maximum number of points. The match consists of two halves, each lasting 30 minutes.

When making bets on handball, you should take into account the following points:

handball betting rules
  • High performance of matches.
  • If we talk about handball, then the goalkeeper is really half of the team here. Therefore, for profitable bets, it is advisable to choose those clubs that have an experienced goalkeeper.
  • The most significant popularity of handball is in European countries. Therefore, for the matches of the Champions League, as well as top tournaments, there is the largest selection of lines.
  • It is advisable for bettors to refuse to make a bet in the last minutes of matches. This is due to the fact that the coefficients change dramatically with each effective action. Therefore, the player may find himself in a situation where there will be a sharp drawdown of the coefficient.

Naturally, handball is not as popular as football and basketball. But despite this, many bookmakers offer good outcomes for top matches. N1Bet specialists work daily to ensure that our customers receive the most profitable offers.